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About Us

What we do

Javelin Cybernetics is a startup focused on making it easy for organizations of any size to access and leverage business communications on employee-owned smartphones without violating the employee's privacy, or eroding their trust.

Who we are

The company was founded by industry veterans with a long history of success in the technology sector. We started Javelin due to our own frustrations with "big tech's" continual invasion of our privacy. As such, Javelin's core value proposition is to protect the privacy of our subscribers, whether they are individuals or institutions is immaterial.

What Problem do we Solve?

Typically,  it is virtually impossible for businesses to gain access to text messages, phone logs, voicemail, call recordings, and other communications-related information on an employee-owned smartphone without compromising the employee's privacy.


Our communications platform solves this problem. With our "soon to be released" platform, employers will be able to view only business communications on an employee-owned phone, keeping the employee's personal communications and related data private. This now means  improved business processes, better customer service, defensible compliance monitoring, and an easy way to federate and archive business communications including SMS text messages. With Javelin, employers will gain appropriate business transparency, and most importantly, employee trust. 

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