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Javelin Acquires Tendant!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

March 23, 2023

In a significant development in the startup technology industry, Georgia-based Javelin Cybernetics LLC ("Javelin") announced that it has acquired the Tendant™ smartphone communications platform from Real Capture LLC. Tendant is a robust and comprehensive communications web, IOS, and Android solution known for its focus on privacy and transparency. The acquisition will not only provide Javelin with a solid foundation for building new privacy-focused BYOD communications applications, but it will also address emerging privacy-oriented legislation while offering unprecedented transparency to business-related activity on personal devices, all without compromising employee privacy.

Javelin spokesperson Jay Patel expressed the company's excitement for the future stating that the Real Capture team has worked hard to build a unique and powerful communications platform, and they are confident that Javelin will bring Real Capture's original vision to reality. With this acquisition, Javelin plans to re-engineer the Tendant platform to more acutely address compliance, e-discovery, information governance, and privacy across legal and professional services, as well as highly regulated businesses in the public sector, energy, healthcare, and financial services industries.

The new product line will be re-branded and re-launched later this year, offering a new and better approach to communications compliance across a variety of industries. With privacy concerns becoming increasingly important in today's world, Javelin's new product line will help businesses stay compliant with rapidly-changing legislation while also providing comprehensive business transparency and privacy for employees.

One of the key benefits of this acquisition is that Javelin will be creating a brand new line of privacy-focused communications applications. "This will give us a solid foundation on which to build our planned "privacy experience" product line - we envision privacy without compromise as a significant competitive advantage and gaping hole in the market."

Javelin's new line of privacy-focused communications applications will help them address emerging privacy-oriented legislation, deliver unprecedented corporate transparency to business-related activity on personal devices, and drive a new and better approach to communications compliance. The re-branded, re-engineered, and re-launched product line is set for release later this year. Interested parties can join the Javelin mailing list for monthly updates.


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